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I believe most of us won't have inspirations to be a  financial consultant one day but this line has given me so much, not just to myself but also to my clients and partners of Belief.


Like many others, I still remember vividly I was nearly falling asleep at the interview but only woke up when my previous manager displayed his earnings during his first year and sold me the idea if I am only half as good as him, I could already earn more than a fresh graduate back then. I was also driven to have multiple businesses due to my family history. 

As my role model, Steve Jobs said: "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" was probably the reason why I personally manage get out of my comfort zone and advance to my current humble achievements today. I still remember I was a very shy introvert, only driven to provide a good life for my mother and this line taught me to open up and communicate with the heart. 

I quickly realised this line is more than just money as the real satisfaction is about changing lives and grooming leaders. It may sounds cliche but nothing beats knowing that your clients lives has changed due to a proper investment and financial planning done, and the lives of your partners grew and became valuable contributors to the society. I also realised purpose, not passion is the real sustainable driving force. 

Unfortunately due to key differences in values and ethos, we collectively made a decision to leave our previous company. After various talks with financial institutions, we settled down in Great Eastern because of the unique FA platform, values and integrity of its products. The rest is history and 10 years just flew by. We never regretted putting values and purpose before compensation first. 

I am personally very proud and glad to be a Guardian and part of Belief Advisors family as we believe in education first and sales later. The family cohesiveness, strong entrepreneurship spirit and the systems and network we share makes this truly a 2nd home where we always put integrity and making a real difference first. We aspire to be role models of our industry by our purpose and conduct, and not by our material achievements as life is short and it is more than that. 

If you believe that life is short and your potential is not realised, I believe you may not regret speaking to us.


Procrastination is probably the only reason why potentially successful individuals are not yet successful. You may want to have a chat with us if you currently feel that something is missing. 



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