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Wed, 13 Oct │ Webinar

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Belief Advisors x PineBridge Investments

Speaker: John Lam


About the webinar:

Dual Focus, Dual Opportunities
While Covid-19 continues to hang over Asian growth, the region is expected to be the fastest-growing geographic region globally. However, recent regulatory changes in China and troubles within specific property names have caused investors to pause and re-think their Asian strategy. In such an environment, active management and robust security selection are critical to finding acorns that will grow into oak trees while helping the

portfolio avoid the pitfalls of a divergent recovery.

Against this backdrop, investors could adopt a balanced approach to capture growth opportunities in the region while anchoring the portfolio through high credit quality SGD Denominated bonds amid the uncertainty.


Join us to discover how PineBridge's investment processes can help identify compelling opportunities for a diversified portfolio of equities and fixed income securities within the Asia Pacific region.

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