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My Bio 

Financial planning is not about just buying financial products. Yet, most people focus on finding the best plan with the best features, returns, and premiums -- having a purchase-oriented approach. A proper financial planning process is more important than mere plan selection and comparison. It is about making the right financial decisions for your life.

In my practice as a consultant, I love to network and touch lives by sharing the importance of financial planning. I am able to do so through simple and effective planning processes namely Dream’s Analysis and Goal Mapping. These processes allow you to find out your inner financial wants and needs. Matching them with your current and future cash flow projection enables you to make wise and well-informed financial decisions.

Currently, I’m an Executive Consultant with Great Eastern Life. This business allows me to expand my network, exchanging valuable knowledge and wisdom with all the top practitioners as well as business partners worldwide. With continuous growth in experience, in just an hour interview with me, my clients always walk away with these benefits:
1. Inspired and more confident of their financial future.
2. Working towards their financial goals with a tailor-made action plan.
3. Well prepared for their rainy days and moving into better financial position.

I also groom motivated individuals interested in starting their careers in the financial industry.

Together, we can work towards a value-added alliance. 

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